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This includes: Tricking or Harassing players Inapropriate behavior Abuse of colored text (fake messages) Impersonating other players Raising inappropriate topics in chat Trying to get around chat filter Trying to get around staff requests (i.e. staying just outside of a players claim after being told to leave) Punishment: /mute user 10m :: /msg user "you have been muted 10m for trolling" Add 10m for each repeated offence Jail for 10m if continutes after 2nd mute /jail user jail 10m :: /msg user "you have been jailed 10m for trolling"

Spamming/Flooding/Excessive Caps/Swearing:

This includes: Posting multiples of the same message Repeatedly entering commands Repeatedly sending the same messages to players Unnessary excessive amounts of characters (i.e. helllooooooooooooo) Excessvie caps Excessive Swearing - See -> for a list WARNING OFFENSIVE WORDS IN LINK!!: None English in Global Chat Punishment: /mute user 10m :: /msg user "you have been muted 10m for (spam/flood/caps/swearing)" Add 10m for each repeated offence. Jail if continutes afer 2nd mute /jail user jail 10m :: /msg user "You have been jailed 10m for (spam/flood/caps/swearing)"


This includes: annoying or bothering players after being asked to stop sending threats or inappropriate messages racism and bigotry homophobic language discrimination verbal assault/personal attacks posting player IP with hostile intent** Punishment: /jail user jail 10m :: /msg user "You have been jailed 10m for harassment" Add 10 minutes for each repeated offence. Jail for an hour if offence is extreme/player is explicit or directly abusing/attacking a player /tempban user 1d "reason" :: If offences occure after being jailed /ban user "reason" :: For excessive harrasment **/ban user "Posting player IP with Hostile Intent" 


This includes: Autoclickers/Autofishers/Autojoiners x-rays and fly hacks Kill aura, auto block, force crit, auto aim Anything that could give you an advantage over default players Punishment: /jail user jail 1h :: /msg user "Please remove your (specific hack) to be unjailed" Release from jail if player complies. Keep an eye on them in /vanish /ban user "hack/ specific hack" :: If they continue to hack 


This includes: Exploiting glitches/bugs, or otherwise unintended game mechanics, to duplicate items/currency/valuables, or gain otherwise unfair advantages. Along with using donator commands for players who do not have access to said commands, including teleporting players into areas they cannot access with their current rank e.g. accepting a teleport request from an elite rank while you are inside the master safari. Punishment: /jail user jail 10m :: /tempban user 1d "reason" :: If offence is minor or offers no substantial advantage /ban user "Exploiting" :: If offence is major 


This includes: Posting server IP's Links to unsafe websites Continuous asking/spaming to sub. to a website/link Posting our IP on other servers Punishment: /mute user 10m :: /msg user "you've been muted for posting (unsafewebiste/link) in chat" /ban user "advertising" :: If they post the IP of another server *Not the best idea to fake advertise on our server. Could be misread and get you banned* 

Griefing And Inappropriate Builds:

This includes: This includes: Stealing or breaking other players' property Defiling the land around them Troll claiming Inappropriate builds (phalic and rude text) Punishment: /tempban user 1d "Griefing (victim)'s land" :: 1d for first offence :: 3d for second offence /tempban user 1d "inappropriate build" :: 1d for first offence :: 3d for second offence /ban user "griefing repeatedly" :: If player griefs for 3rd offence 


This includes: This includes: Scamming Disrespecting players and staff Impersonating Staff Being difficult with staff (after being asked to do something politely repeatedly) Punishment: /jail user jail 10m :: /msg user "you've been jailed 10m for (misc. offence)" Add 10 minutes for each repeat offence. Jail 1 hour after 2nd offence /ban user 1d :: /msg user "you've been jailed 1h for (misc. offence)" /ban user "reason" :: For excessive harrasment